Mourning Glory


I spent the day in Salem yesterday and was directed to a local park for my lunch eating needs. When I entered the park, I noticed this statue and the comical sign posted behind it (click on the picture to zoom in). At the base of the statue was a plaque with info about the horse. It was a boring plaque, so I wrote my own story about it…

Mourning Glory was a happy carousel horse with a happy carousel family and carousel life. One day a carousel rider spilt a vile of LSD on her hand. Unsure what to do, she rubbed the moist hand across Mourning Glory in an effort to get it off of her as quick add possible.

The rider left when the ride was over and the LSD slowly absorbed into the horse. Mourning Glory’s heart started racing as the lights became more vibrant and the music coated everything in a rich shining sparkle.

Mourning Glory could not contain herself or keep fixed to the never ending, always circulating, spiral on the carousel. The metaphor she was living quickly shined as the reality of life; always passing the same poles, the same walls, behind the same horses, never advancing in life.

She broke free and galloped towards the sunlight, thoughts of freedom and new adventures crashing in her head with hope for a future unheard of to the carousel slaves. She bound through the window with a shattering of glass and commotion.

She paused when she hit the sidewalk, fully taking in her first breath of fresh air, nothing but dreams taking over her mind.

A passerby witnessed this miracle. Confused by the sight of a carousel horse jumping through a window, and having seen too many zombie movies in his life, the stranger pulled out the concealed pistol from his side and unloaded a 357 slug into the skull of the possessed beast.

Mourning Glory fell to the ground, never reaching any of her dreams.

Moral of the story: Drugs are bad, LSD kills, guns save and protect; or something like that…

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