Yellow Heart Balloon

I’m quite tired right now, but now isn’t really the time for sleep. I can do that when back at Sean’s. It’ll be peaceful. Charge the phone and sleep. Hopefully do some laundry too. That would be nice.

Maybe I should write a story though. It’s about a balloon. A really big helium filled foil balloon of a yellow heart. Yellow Heart Balloon was unhappy being dragged around by its owner day after day after day. One day, Yellow Heart Balloon decided to escape and run away. But how can the balloon do that? How does a balloon plan to escape? Well, it’s kind of rough. First, Yellow Heart Balloon needs to get its owner to take it outside and preferably somewhere with a good wind current. It then needs to trick the owner into giving up its grip on the balloon, therefore leaving it with a chance to float away.

That’s exactly what happened on this one sunny September afternoon. Yellow Heart Balloon was able to get taken to the park in honor of its owner’s niece’s seventh birthday. When they arrived at the park, the owner tied the balloon onto a bench. Unfortunately for the owner, the balloon was able to loosen, and then untie itself from the bench while the owner wasn’t watching.

Once free, the balloon tasted freedom and felt the liberating air carrying it about. For the next 35 minutes, Yellow Heart Balloon lived the dream. But, like all dreams, fantasy ends and reality sets in. In this case, the reality was in the form of Crow.

Crow saw Yellow Heart Balloon and swooped in, grabbing the fragile balloon with its sharp claws. The claws dug into Yellow Heart Balloon and popped it with a bang. The dream, as well as Yellow Heart Balloon, was over. Dead. Done. And while it was sad to see Yellow Heart Balloon go, Yellow Heart Balloon was able to experience a bit of the life it had always dreamed of. And that was worth everything. A life unlived is not a life to strive for.

Think of the determination of the Yellow Heart Balloon and float away from your own world. Even if your journey is short lived, at least it was lived.

Life and the Yellow Heart Balloon.
Expanding and popping.
Filling until it can’t fit anything else in it.
Floating away into the ether.

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