Spring Stretches

It was dark and warm where Denise was bundled up. Tucked in like a pig in a blanket or nuzzled like a dog on your lap, Denise didn’t want to get up this morning. The sun was shining down and she felt the warmth reach her inner core. It had been a long winter up until now; filled with many rainy days and cold dark nights. Finally though, things were beginning to change and spring was upon us.

As Denise woke up that morning and felt the sun warming her inside, she stretched out and was tucked in even more. She enjoyed the radiant sun all day as she absorbed its life giving magic and when she went to bed, Denise was feeling more alive and natural than she had been all winter long. That night the weather changed back to its regular dreariness and Denise was thankful to be bundled up. She was feeling different and wasn’t sure if she was getting sick, so she drank some water in hopes of flushing those feelings away.

The next morning the sun shone through into Denise’s world again and Denise stretched out some more and continued to grow as every youngster does. Day by day, her limbs were getting longer, her body taller. Standing more straight and more strong; over the weeks, Denise began developing into the real Denise. Slowly, the magnificent sunlight and warming days helped bring Denise out of the hole, the dirt, the earth, that she was living in-both metaphorically and literally. One afternoon Denise finally opened up and showed the world the true blossoms that existed inside of her that had been hibernating all winter. Denise stood tall, confident, and bloomed. Her radiant yellow sunflower body provided all passersby with a beautiful distraction and something to appreciate when they might be feeling down. Even though the winters were sometimes hard, Denise loved being a sunflower in spring time.

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