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Short Stories

Mourning Glory


I spent the day in Salem yesterday and was directed to a local park for my lunch eating needs. When I entered the park, I noticed this statue and the comical sign posted behind it (click on the picture to zoom in). At the base of the statue was a plaque with info about the horse. It was a boring plaque, so I wrote my own story about it…
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Yellow Heart Balloon

I’m quite tired right now, but now isn’t really the time for sleep. I can do that when back at Sean’s. It’ll be peaceful. Charge the phone and sleep. Hopefully do some laundry too. That would be nice.
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Gavin Goes Swimming

“Huh? Sorry. I was spacing out. What was that?” Gavin quietly asked and then took another drink from his beer.
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Mirsha and the Mountains of Miracles

Mirsha was happy little seven-year old girl. To most, she was considered quite normal. She enjoyed playing with her dolls, running around outside, and pretending to be a princess. She often wore a pink tutu and a tiara, simply because she could, and when she couldn’t, she pouted in an adorable and heart crushing manner. When asked what she wanted to be when she grew up, she would smile real big, showing off her missing front teeth, and reply enthusiastically, “A Unicorn!” then run away giggling. She looked just like her mother; golden blonde hair and eyes of hazel—which some people would tell her were the eyes that fairies had—porcelain skin and dimples straight from a cartoon.
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wheRe yoU beloNg

Tristan hit the ground fucking hard.
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Wallowed Creativity

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Dandruff is not the most admirable trait in a person, but it’s definitely not the worst either. Continue reading


Malcolm was a sweet kid.
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Spring Stretches

It was dark and warm where Denise was bundled up. Tucked in like a pig in a blanket or nuzzled like a dog on your lap, Denise didn’t want to get up this morning. Continue reading

The Morning of the Fog (Part 2)

(part one can be found here:

While Maxine is often a cynical and some of her friends find her to be bipolar or jaded, Maxine tends to be able to explain the reasoning for whatever particular issue she is whining about with utmost clarity. Continue reading