The Welcome Note to the Journal

This is my Dragon Journal,
Bound in dragon’s skin.
Its flesh was torn up from bone,
I like the feeling of it pulled thin.
I slowly run my fingers across,
Its rough and shiny scales.
Examining the colors from,
The head down to the tail.

This book will soon be filled with,
My life’s journeys and adventures.
No matter what page you open,
A story you will enter.
And maybe one will inspire you,
To go on your own epic battle.
Maybe your spirit will demand a quest,
Then you’ll travel for a little while.

Always stay positive and hopeful though,
Remember to fight on the good side.
Help your neighbors and your friends,
But don’t get delusional with pride.
Be humble, be courageous,
And be larger than life.
Wear a smile and do look good,
For you’ll always be the light.

But for now just close this book,
Lower your head to the pillow gently.
Envision fantastic flying beasts,
And other creatures that you’ll greet thee.
You’ll then witness your own rebirth,
You’ll no longer play pretend.
That’s when dreams becomes reality,
Well… and after we make amends.

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