Nap Gnomes

At any point throughout the day
All over the entire world,
At least one person is napping
Be it a boy or a girl.

Young or old, tall or small
They close their eyes and dream,
They go to sleep a bit restless
And imagine forests green.

In the skies the dragons fly
And Apollo’s lute is played,
People dream of pretty princesses
In open fields they lay.

Dreaming of new bosses
And new jobs that make them smile,
Dreaming of all these little things
Makes them happier for awhile.

But there’s something that they don’t know
I’ll give you a little hint,
The dreams are our portals
To sneak in for a short bit.

We solely live inside your dreams
We can control your everything,
We’re the reason that you win
Or suffer, and even sing.

We’re the Nap Gnomes of Slumberland
Some say we’re Mischief Makers with Sandman,
However we can’t get into your brain at night
Only day time is when we can.

The daylight slumber is the gateway
For us to take you over,
Once we’re in, we might never leave
Unlike your high school lover.

We read your thoughts and feed upon
Forgotten memories,
We eat up all your failed hopes
And long lost fantasies.

Some of us get too fat
From feasting on these things,
Then we wait for your next nap
It’s our chance to leap free.

Not all of us will choose to leave though
Some of us will stay,
We begin to feel familiar
With what your thoughts have to say.

We like to twist up the fabric
Of your forgotten past,
We recreate your history
And we can do it real fast.

We take the day in fifth grade that
You got punched in the face,
And we change it into you winning
The big three-legged race.

Maybe the night you lost your child
Still haunts you deep inside,
We can ease that painful place
By replacing it with a lie.

We don’t only do nice work though
Some of us are tricksters,
Evil, rotten, dirty, Nap Gnomes
We’re not the Merry Pranksters.

We slowly change your memories
So you no longer know what’s true,
We think it’s funny to confuse you
We love it through and through.

You humans make it easy though
It’s like you want us here,
You always want to cover up
What you gaze at in the mirror.

You pretend that you never did
Those many hurtful things,
You imagine that you’re a good guy
You wear false angel wings.

You deny yourself the happiness
Deep inside your soul,
You say you don’t deserve it
You give back the King’s Gold.

You birthed us without knowing
Nurtured our race’s course,
Now we take advantage because
We’ve unlocked all your doors.

I come to you on this day
With a small peace offering,
I’ve gotten old, fed on many souls
And vanished wedding rings.

But I’ve grown tired of the life
That I used to live,
I want you to remember
All of the real things that you did.

So if you want to protect yourself
From my kinds company,
Stop taking naps in the day time
And you’ll never have to deal with me.

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