Spring Daisies

The daisy grew up from the dirt because that is how nature works.

Put seed in dirt.

The simplicity of this cycle is awesome because it is like fucking clockwork. It always works. It happens. I think you can tell time by the cycle of growth of the freakin’ daisies.

Now, this particular spring, and I am indeed talking about spring simply because it is spring right now and it seems relevant, the daisies were bursting from the seams. They were growing in yards that never planted them. They were growing in the middle of the street. They were growing on statues, off trees, and on walls. The shit was everywhere. It was like a zombie movie of daisies. The shit was intense. But very pretty.

Michelle and Thomas were walking down the street to grab a morning bagel and both were quite taken aback by the daisies. They could swear that they didn’t remember seeing this many of them growing in such strange places yesterday, but they felt like maybe their minds were a bit hazy.

“I don’t know if I have ever been so creeped out by flowers before, but this is some strange shit” Michelle said to Thomas as they crossed 14th Ave, a crosswalk covered in daisies.

“Yeah,” Thomas replied, “since when did our town become Daisy Town?” and as he said that, Thomas stepped on one of many daisies that were covering his path. And he thought that he heard a scream.

“Did you hear that?” Thomas asked as he stopped walking and looked at the ground. “I think I heard the daisy scream” and he stepped on another to test this theory. And, again, he heard a scream.

Thomas and Michelle looked at each other with confusion and perplexity. “Ummmmm…” and Michelle’s voice trailed off.

Just then Thomas felt something wrapping itself around his ankle and he looked down. A daisy was twisting itself around Thomas’s ankle and shins and more stems and daisies began weaving each other and creating a net like webbing that would keep Thomas from moving. Michelle looked down and saw the daisies beginning to wrap themselves around her as well. She quickly started moving her feet and kicking back the approaching daisies.

Thomas could feel the pressure of the daisies wrapped around his calf and could feel them tightening. Then, with the quickness of a snake, the daisies crushed the bones of Thomas’s legs and he fell to the ground in pain, screaming for help. Michelle’s heart thumped with a racing quickness and she ran as fast as she could, while trying not to step on any daisies. As Thomas laid on the ground, the daisies began growing around him more quickly and soon covered him. They squeezed him and his ribs crushed like a pretzel on the floor of a pub. His organs protruded out of his skin and the daisies pushed up through his body, penetrating him like a nail board.

From this day forward, the daisies weren’t gonna be fucked with any longer.

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