Monthly Archives: February 2015

F-You-Ture’s (UltraTom Remix)

You can now download the excellent UltraTom remix of F-You-Ture’s over at Bandcamp!

The Somnambulating Schematic of the Obstreperous

Last summer I released my second full length album of original music.
I have coined the genre “Nu-Grebo” as it is highly influenced by the great Grebo movement of the late 80s and early 90s.

The project is called Fried Kale (gratuitously borrowed from this very site) and the album is titled The Somnambulating Schematic of the Obstreperous.

The album was mastered by Amina at her Foxdye Studios
and artwork was designed by Erik Arteaga at his Arteaga Bodega

I’ve posted a link to the Bandcamp page below, so please take a listen and hopefully you’ll hear something that you enjoy.


Pardon the Dust

I am transitioning some content and making things more interesting.

Pardon the dust…