The Morning of the Fog (Part 2)

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While Maxine is often a cynical and some of her friends find her to be bipolar or jaded, Maxine tends to be able to explain the reasoning for whatever particular issue she is whining about with utmost clarity. She can justify her feelings better than most of her friends, although she was definitely one of the more whiny people in the circle of friends she hung out with. At this moment, as she stared at this strange creature on the sidewalk of 5th Avenue, she thought to herself, Why doesn’t this type of shit happen to my friends? They’ll never listen to me talk about this.

And Maxine was probably right about that. This type of stuff did not happen to her friends with any regularity. They were also mostly tired of talking with her about her stressful life of failed romances, frustrating clients, shitty neighbors, and strange magical looking creatures appearing out of the fog in the middle of downtown. While it is a great addition to her online blog, that is about as far as this was going to go anywhere.

Maxine stood there looking at this creature and wondered, kind of -but not really- why no one else seemed to notice it. Maybe I am crazy? she thought and she just stood there staring. I should just go inside and pretend that this never happened. In fact, this isn’t happening. This isn’t happening at all. And Maxine grabbed her phone out of her pocket and called Jarod, the guy that she was kind of, not really, seeing. She called his number, it went to voicemail, and she left him a rather simple message, “Hey Bug, I might be having a schizophrenic break right now. Call me” and hung up.

Maxine pocketed her phone and the creature continued laying there on the sidewalk. It was looking around and scoping its surroundings but it certainly kept eyeing Maxine and making weird glottal clicking sounds. That’s one fucking strange purr, she thought. I need to find someone to hang out with or I’m gonna annoy myself with these internal thoughts. This was probably true.

This thought ended abruptly when the old man from earlier, strangely without his cane and with a far stronger sense of self, stepped up to Maxine while she was a bit distracted.

“Terri-fried” he quietly said from behind her back left shoulder.

Maxine turned and saw the old man from earlier this morning. “What the fuck?” finally able to vocalize what she had been thinking for quite sometime.

“I see you’ve met Kragile”

…to be continued…

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