Meteors and Ice

twice upon the distant thought of meteors and ice
chickenpox and dinosaurs are awesome and entice
encourage new believers and food goo in the nude
smothering while juggling ideas that are rude
from time to time we all need a reason to be beat
the fall against the grace of luck, Jesus is a cheat
a dirty rotten scoundrel, a worthless garbage man
a third-string local bowler, a chicken in a can
so taste the waste of paste and space
while casing the race’s lasting grace
and facing the chase of lace
for my pace has grazed the craze
of our place and society
this land is the land for me
until we start world war three
and we take our entire troops to see
the dead man in the red and flames
i hear he likes to play special games
they keep us feeling the exact same
by poking at our shame and pain
so we make our wounds hurt and sting
never giving the peace offering
because that would make it seem to mean
that we have failed at something key
to understanding where we are
where we come from where we start
where we go and how we fall
how we shout at whom we call
sharing stories and fearing strangers
fiction makes sense when facts are danger-
ous when the us we fuss at when we cuss
like teenagers on a hot cramped bus
i suppose that’s the life for us
even if it drives us nuts
because all we see is what we want to be
even if we see complacency
a lack of decency and maybe the destiny
of our lives entangled relevancy
but these rhymes are falling quickly
so let’s end this relatively
soon so we can bloom in our cocoon
while we travel to the moon
in our slumber room which looms
inside our head yet in our wombs
our wounds are filled with fumes and gas
and smoke and other things that last
more than one night or day or week
these things take their time to sink
into your world and make a change
because the things that shouldn’t stay the same
won’t make the grade or shade the blades
of grass we gave to mask the raid
that saved the jaded maids of time
the one’s guiding this here rhyme
since this one is over and done
we’re saying goodnight to everyone.

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