That’s a lot of Rubbish…

Hello people of the Internet land!
So I’ve had my site up for less than 24 hours and have already uploaded far too much rubbish.
The scary thing is that there is more coming. I’m bummed that I seem to have lost the hard drive which had some amazingly hilarious old writings from long ago because those would have been a neat addition. I probably still have tons of garbage in various notebooks though, so I might start a new category for “Laugh at my Terrible Old Work” writings. I dunno. I do this to humour myself.

Anyway, thank you all for stopping by and checking things out. I’ve added buttons so that you can share random stories on your Facebook, Twitter, through email, and even to print with ease. I don’t know if any of that stuff is of any value or use, but I may as well add it.

Feel free to comment and leave feedback wherever you wish and please share some stories with those around you.

I believe that story telling is one of life’s greatest pleasures and treasures and I deeply encourage everyone to do more of it. We live our lives through our own poetic lens, so share what you dream of with the world around you. It’ll make everything sparkle just a bit more than it already does.

Much love!

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