Wallowed Creativity

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…to be bountiful is to be beautiful…

over overachievers

the overachiever and her over-advantage upon the overwhelming lives of the overdone minds that get pushed over the edge because of their overly-pressured expectations before reaching reincarnation’s unjustly do over.


selective silence screens
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Onward History

lingering tastes of forgotten smells
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movement and ice

fast acting thoughts of movement and ice makes her memory grow cold and her heart beat twice

Real Day

the different tastes upon my eyes
as i lick my brain and circumcise
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Meteors and Ice

twice upon the distant thought of meteors and ice
chickenpox and dinosaurs are awesome and entice
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That’s a lot of Rubbish…

Hello people of the Internet land!
So I’ve had my site up for less than 24 hours and have already uploaded far too much rubbish. Continue reading


Dandruff is not the most admirable trait in a person, but it’s definitely not the worst either. Continue reading