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Poetry and Prose


selective silence screens
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Onward History

lingering tastes of forgotten smells
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movement and ice

fast acting thoughts of movement and ice makes her memory grow cold and her heart beat twice

Real Day

the different tastes upon my eyes
as i lick my brain and circumcise
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Meteors and Ice

twice upon the distant thought of meteors and ice
chickenpox and dinosaurs are awesome and entice
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Nap Gnomes

At any point throughout the day
All over the entire world,
At least one person is napping
Be it a boy or a girl.
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Spinning Tick

The time keeps on spinning on the clock that does not tick
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Spreading Bread

discordant voices
disordered choices
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Returned Envelope

the letter that he sent her got lost in the mail
turns out it was for the best as the letter was a fail
a string of words, bound in earnest, and signed with a smile
always in search of its true home, across town about three miles
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Something Warm to Wear

i tend to wake up slowly
as the fog begins to break
the dawning of morning
the freezing of the lake
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