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The Morning of the Fog (Part 2)

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While Maxine is often a cynical and some of her friends find her to be bipolar or jaded, Maxine tends to be able to explain the reasoning for whatever particular issue she is whining about with utmost clarity. Continue reading

The Morning of the Fog

Tuesdays never jived well with Maxine. She almost always woke up late, spilled her coffee, burned her toast, or forgot her lunch. Tuesdays were like a doubly bad Monday… following a Monday.
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Stella’s Rainbow

every family has its own quirks. some go to church every week and some don’t read books. some eat organic and others eat only fast food. in the end, every child in every family feels a simultaneous sense that their family is both totally normal and the weirdest family ever. Continue reading

Nap Gnomes

At any point throughout the day
All over the entire world,
At least one person is napping
Be it a boy or a girl.
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Spring Daisies

The daisy grew up from the dirt because that is how nature works.
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Spinning Tick

The time keeps on spinning on the clock that does not tick
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Spreading Bread

discordant voices
disordered choices
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Returned Envelope

the letter that he sent her got lost in the mail
turns out it was for the best as the letter was a fail
a string of words, bound in earnest, and signed with a smile
always in search of its true home, across town about three miles
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Something Warm to Wear

i tend to wake up slowly
as the fog begins to break
the dawning of morning
the freezing of the lake
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A Corollary Day

Things all started when the alarm went off. However, whether things were going to lead in a positive manner or down a negative path, was something of an unknown to little miss Anne at this time. Continue reading