People keep on writing
__Poetry that sucks
It’s pretentious and annoying
__There’s no meter in the work
Comes off stagnant, comes off pompous
__Comes off like thee Mr. Primus St. John
Maybe you should leave the field
__It’s better when you’re gone
Your imagery is old and tired
__You’re Britney Spears’ wedding thong
Right or wrong
__Dick or dong
____Donk or song
______For too long
We haven’t got along
So keep your words
__Jumble them up
Rearrange and unstuck
__Your stick
____Your pen
______Your prick
________Your hen
Pluck that feather
__Turn it around
____Write a letter
A ‘Thank You’ note to your mom
__A vignette or a love song
It doesn’t really matter
__Just please make it interesting
It’s the one rule
____Of this silly game we play.

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